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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christian Madness

Blogger " Storeytwin A said...

dimensio said: "Do you have any relevant comments to offer?"
Hello O dimented one. Yes I do have a relevant comment which I will repeat for you:


Have a nice day dear!"

[no emphasis added - it's all as is]

I have nothing further to add to this.


[edited to spell 'Christian' correctly!]


  1. Wow!...just wow. It must be true because the cap lock was on.

  2. She's another fruitcake not interested in listening to anything lacking the phrases "Bible" and "Jesus" and "good" and "truth".

    I seriously don't understand why she posts...

  3. I always hear the music from the shower scene in Psycho when reading her comments.

  4. I almost replied to this comment but you know what they say about throwing pearls before swine. I don't think Storeytwin could appreciate the irony of a christian gloating over a fellow human being carried to hell, even if I pointed it out to her.
    She can't even get a sarcastic comment right- "Hello O dimented one" what the hell?

  5. It's the "Have a nice day dear!" at the end that gets me.

    To any Raytractors that still post at AC; please don't let Ray get away without retracting or apologizing for his lies regarding what Darwin theorized. I can see him burying his falsehoods behind a host of new posts that seek to muddy the waters - much like his previous claim that there was overwhelming evidence of a global flood has now been lost in the ever-expanding idiocy.

  6. Storytwit certainly ranks as one of the most absurd acolytes on A/C.

    How does she know that it is not Satan that is guiding her life and her actions?

    Unfortunatly, there are way too many like her in my home state, but I continue to fight the good fight.

    Come, Rocinante. We must go now!

  7. Every one of them says jesus has changed their heart. Makes you wonder what shape she was in before Haysoos filled her with the holy spirit.

  8. Matt,
    "I can see him burying his falsehoods behind a host of new posts that seek to muddy the waters - "

    Obfuscation is his game plan. His minions find themselves so confused they always revert to their cultured belief system and the only book they think they can trust.

  9. He's already trying to hide his lies and mistakes concerning that recent post; first by editing his original comment, and now by posting five new posts since then. He's just a pathetic liar for Jesus conman who isn't worth the trouble of posting there and giving him the attention he wants and needs. Fuck him.

  10. Guys, I'd just appreciate if you'd all stop borrowing from StoreyTwinA's worldview.

  11. Rufus,

    Spot on. He thrives from our attention. I am not sure why, but is surely egotistical.

    We've seen him throw several of his minions under the bus including his most ardent admirerer, Terry Burton.

    Now, Todd Firel has gone so wacky that Ray considers him a liability.

    Ray sold him off to some pay station. It is only a matter of time that Ray and Kirk have a falling out. It is inevitable, considering the outlandish religious belifs that they are cultivating in their irrational minds.

  12. Froggie:

    Speaking of Terry Burton, I check out his "blogs" once in awhile. You can't post to them. But one of them was a million dollar tract with the Living Waters link, though the link didn't work; he also has a banner ad back up for Hell's Best Kept Secret. Maybe he wants to kiss and make out, I mean make up, with Ray. I email him at the address he had, but he hasn't replied. Obamama being elected may have pushed him beyond the point of no return.

  13. There's something so ridiculous and amazing about this statement that my head screams Poe's law. I have this vision in my head of Satan v Jebus, with Bruce Buffer anouncing:

    "In the red corner, weighing in at whatever form he takes on the night, The Dark Dungeoner of Ignorance, The Cunning Falconer, The Carrier of Securely Blind-folded Birds.... SAAAAAAA-TTAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN."

  14. I give up on Ray, he's censored a comment for no damn reason. I just posted it on my blog so that Ethan would know that I wasn't ignoring him.

    Dammned if I know what's wrong with it.

  15. Ethan. Now there's a piece of work.

  16. He keeps on at it, doesn't he? Poor git tries and tries. I just thought maybe he should do something else for God instead like serve the juice after the service or something.

  17. CodewordConduit-

    Dammned if I know what's wrong with it.

    Just a wild guess here, but maybe it's because you capitalized Atheist?

    By the way, what's 'in the nak'?

  18. By the way, what's 'in the nak'?

    It's probably slang for "naked". Pretty sure.

  19. Also, I frequently capitalize Atheist, so it can't be that. I don't even know how to contact him to ask what was wrong with it.

    Smug, lying, censoring swine.

    I thought he was OK up until now.

  20. CwC

    I felt the same way when a comment I wrote on Ray's blog to correct a post of his in which Richard Gunther was posturing about the Noah's Ark story.

    His post said that the Ark story was in Genesis chapter 7. I wrote that it was in chapter 6, and my comment was censored, but as if by God's Magic Holy Power, poof! the post was edited and changed to read chapter 6.

    Indeed, he is a smug, lying, censoring swine.

    You are 4 for 4!

    He's also a load-mouthed shrimp, who is apparently overcompensating for his shortcomings, if you know what I mean.

  21. Ay Caramba-

    That should be loud, not load.

  22. I know exactly what you mean *winks*

    He has a really small cock.

  23. And before he gets his litigation team on me, he's publicly blogged that he owns chickens.

    I'm just saying that one of the males might be small.

  24. BF "He's also a load-mouthed shrimp, who is apparently overcompensating for his shortcomings, if you know what I mean."

    *Tries to get mental image of Kirk & Ray out of his head"

  25. Vagon

    Just think about bananas. It will go away.

    Or maybe not.

  26. Sometimes a load is just a load.

  27. It is only a matter of time that Ray and Kirk have a falling out.

    Promise? That would definitely give me something to look forward to.

  28. Froggie said...
    It is only a matter of time that Ray and Kirk have a falling out.

    I'd pay serious money to see that fight.

    £20 on Ray going down in the 5th.


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