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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Slight Rant Of My Own

This is something that I've been thinking about and talking about with friends of mine. Back when McCain was ahead in the polls (before the economic melt-down), one person I know was saying that if McCain wins the Democrats are going to have to look at their platform and adjust it to be more right leaning. I of course, being extrememly liberal, didn't like that idea at all. However now that Obama has won the election, I think the Republicans are the ones that need to adjust their platform. I think it's time that they realize that it isn't the religious zealots that got Bush elected, it's the independents.
Back in 2000 America was experiencing a surplus after the Clinton administration and everything was going good and people believed that it really didn't make a difference who got elected. Since the economy was in good shape, Bush was promising to cut taxes and people wanted some of that money back (no one could have predicted what would come over the next seven years). In 2004, some people came around and realized that W was a complete fucktard and that we needed a change. However there were two wars going on and people were anxious switch administrations in the middle of that cluster-fuck (not to mention the fact that Kerry was a horrible candidate).
Anyway my point being that the Republicans may be the ones who need a deep re-evaluation. They need to realize that pandering to the religious right won't do shit for them, and that while the majority of this country may be Christian, they are not fundamentalist nut-jobs! They also may need to re-think their economic stance as well, trickle down economics doesn't work, plain and simple!


  1. Agreed. The party of Lincoln has some soul-searching to do.

    But if they actually allow themselves to be led by the likes of Palin and Huckabee, then they're not quite ready to do it.

    The Democrats could use a reality check, too. They have just two things going for them right now: a good man headed to the White House, and a majority of voters with, I think, a lot of goodwill amongst them. That's enough to win elections, but it takes much more to repair an economy while forging a sane and humane foreign policy.

    From my chilly perch in Canada, I wish them every possible success.

  2. I agree the Democrats need a change as well. Really they need to learn to work together to get things done, vs. bickering over tiny, insignificant details and just cutting the legs out from under each other.
    The pressure is on now after all the hype from Obama's campaign, all eyes are on them! I hope they can do even half the things promised!

  3. Rev,

    You mentioned that trickle downs don't work.

    You made me think. If TDE did work, then the government should have given tax rebates to all the rich people instead of us working folks.
    Obviously, that wouldn't have helped.

    By bailing out the banks though, they are saying that they like to privitize the profits, but socialize the losses.

  4. Froggie
    That is exactly the problem with trickle down economics, they give huge tax breaks to the wealthy (especially big corporations) with the idea that they will turn around and invest in our economy. However that's not what happens, most of the time the big businesses turn around outsource their companies.


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