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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I come in the name of Jesus! Repeat it after me, Bitch!

This guy makes almost as much sense as Scumfort. Perhaps they can team up and do some open air preaching together. I think I might pay to see that. Oh yeah, and he has a Myspace and his own Wikipedia entry.

Spirit of Truth


  1. nonmagic,

    Ya kaint undastan cus ya lizen ta wity..biaaatch. Sho nuff ma fucka! Ya dunno da lord, biatch!

    Did I get the message right?

  2. From the dumbass' myspace page:

    "First and foremost let me warn u I come in the NAME of JESUS by the POWER! of the WHOLLY SPIRIT. And mutha fucka u can't TOP THAT! Now wat the fuk I call myself doin is liftin up a standard so to speak. No not shit, fuk, GODCONDEMN ya! You afro-centric, monkey minded, nim-cum-fuckin-poops! know better than that! THEE! STANDARD is the WORD of GOD! For good purpose and use in every aspect and situations of life. It's the meaning of UTILITARIAN. NOT! utilitarianism! Similar in spelling, but two different meanings. Lets not get that twisted. Though I know every non-believer, anti-christ, devil-whorshipping, house-nigga wanna be a ku-klux-klan memba when he grow up, get established! Will be tryin to twist GOD SHIT! And GOD SHIT IS CALLED "UTILITARIAN POLICY for NATIONWIDE UNITY". Organization called together by GOD. Comprised of jail-house lawyers and scholars alike, who are also just as skilled with the WORD of GOD! A.K.A.CHURCH. Now the first thing I need for the CHURCH to do is go down to yo local congres or where ever they construct the laws around here and petition for the WORD of GOD to be put in schools as curriculum. LET THE REDEEMED OF CHRIST SAY SO! to be continued! P.S. If u feel anything or are moved to help the lil lord! with his endeavors, send tithes and love offerings to: Vincent Stewart PO BOX INGLEWOOD CA. 90305

    Who I'd like to meet:
    God fearin, do or neva gone die, good wholesome milk drinkin republican christians."

  3. Clos,

    This is better than LOLcats. It's LOLreverend! Da debbil is a liah mothafuckka!!

  4. I love how we can't hear the callers, and neither can he since he has the music turned up so loud. "Huuuhh?"

    "mutha fucka, you fucked up, yo ass is doomed"

    -Crazy Cracked Up Preacher Biatch

    Words of wisdom, indeed.

  5. Check this one out:


  6. Clos,

    That is priceless! 'Put the 2pac tape in now cuz ya'll like....messed me up. Put the 2Pac tape in!!'

    He dances like and elderly man that can't stand up straight has has to pee really bad.

    If regular church were this entertaining, more people would show up.

  7. "If regular church were this entertaining, more people would show up."

    Even if he just came in to give the homily. Sheeeeeeeiiitttt, muva fucka! Here be da holy muva fuckin word a god, biatch!! *starts dancing and continues for 35 minutes without music*

    Oh, god, I would join that church. Can't we just start one, for the Flying Spaghetti Monster and just hire this guy? He would probably work for

  8. ... you could almost see his thought going "Awww sheeeeit man, I did read da fuckin Sermon on da HOLY MUVA FUCKIN MOUNT ah-ready..." Silence. Silence. "Sheeiit nigga got nuffin' ta say nah. Uhh... uhhhhh.... uhhhhhhhhh DANCIN'!"

    What does the dancing have to do with anything? I wonder what the crew thought.

  9. "What does the dancing have to do with anything? I wonder what the crew thought."

    "Damn, dat nigga can dance, yo!"

  10. He's a classic. I read somewhere that he's actually a convicted fraudster for some telemarketing scheme or bad cheques he had going on years ago. And he keeps claiming that he in fact is God, and gives no indication that he means it metaphorically. He's either sincere and crazy, or a fraudster making some bucks off people who are barely able to recognize themselves in a shiny piece of glass, or he's a prankster so committed to his method (methadone?) act that he keeps it up for years.

  11. I motherfuckin' love crazy motherfuckers, bee-yatch.

  12. somebody get him some gold to fill that mutha fuckin space in his grille.

    He's no Rev. Wright.

  13. I've heard clips of this guy on the Howard Stern show. Too funny! Turns out he's as bizarre looking as he sounds. Nice find!

  14. Prove to me that he is not God. The burden of evidence is on you.

    All arguments start with presuppisitions. I start with the presuppisition that the Spirit of Truth Guy is the source of ultimate, objective truth. How do you account for the laws of logic?

    The Spirit of Truth Guy has revealed to me the ultimate nature of truth and logic, and even atheists would admit that such a thing is possible.

    If you don't believe the Spirit of Truth Guy is God, and you're wrong, hell awaits you. But if you do believe, you may avoid hell. Pascal's wager tells us that the Spirit of Truth Guy is God.

    How could nothing create something? Obviously, there's a Spirit of Truth Guy who must have created us.


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