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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

jean - part 3

Jeans post has now near on 200 comments and most of the latter comments are support from fundies.

I was wondering where it was all coming from till I read one saying he had heard about it on the Way of the Master radio show and had been disgusted by some of the comments read out on air.

So there you go ...


  1. I'd be naive to think Pharyngula doesn't have some neo-conservative or fundamentalist evil twin. They support each other blindly because they feel their opponents are doing the same.

    It'd require intellectual honesty for them to actually challenge their own beliefs. About anything.

  2. It doesn't matter now how much they reinforce their hive-mind now. As I gather from rdnet, proper measures have been initiated.

    I looked at virtually all the named posters's blogs. There were only about one or two from the UK, and I saw no other blog talking about child rearing in any potentially incriminating terms.

    It's almost amusing how almost none of the applauding commenters understand that this is not about taking their Jesus away. Seems like they have never heard of legally binding Child Rights Acts, or quite possibly don't have the capacity to understand what those laws mean. They can disdain humanitarian laws all day long for all I care. They can't turn back time, too bad.

  3. "...this is not about taking their Jesus away."

    Exactly! I bet most of the fundies are supporting her simply because she is a christian. All the christians I know don't see a conflict between their scripture and giving a child a healthy amount of self esteem. This isn't about religion as much as it is about fostering psychologically healthy children.

  4. Something I'd always known but never had articulated:

    This quite readily explains the irrationality of Ray et al and is something to look out for in our own sceptical analysis.

  5. Fantastic article, Vagon. Thanks for finding and posting this!

  6. "Taking their Jesus away"

    Is that the fundie equivalent of losing your mojo?

  7. Vagon-

    Heres something I had posted on a few weeks ago, but ties into the report you show.


    This study shows how people, after being shown factually how their position was wrong, ended up even more convinced of their erroneous position.

    It is referred to as the backfire effect.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This thread, and the whole subject of Jean's beliefs and how she's treating her children, needs more puppies.

  10. It is comments like this that make me laugh:

    "Praise God! Be encouraged by the hate you are getting from the unbelievers! They prove your faith in Christ to be true! Praise GOD!" - anonymous

    It is so hard to not invoke Godwin's law to things like that. So the Nazi's were right in their belief because of the hate they received too!

  11. hey y'all, I haven't been hanging around here much recently, but... like... what happened to Ray? Seriously, he hasn't posted anything new since the 8th. What's with that?

    Maybe I'm just out of the loop...

  12. benjamin franklin - thanks for the repost I'm fairly new here so I missed it earlier.

    I think the two tie in excellently and highlight the problems we face in trying to change the viewpoints of creationists.


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