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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Over One Thousand

That was too easy.

Break out the alcohol, fire up the babyque, turn on the retardoray and prepare the mustache clippers: SMRT just entered the ranks of... something... thought I had more than that... nevermind.

1000+ posts! Paaaaaarrrrtyyyyy!


  1. With one thousand posts
    SMRT bloggers tell Ray: "Knowledge:
    Yer doin' it wrong."

    (Aside: You can blame this abomination on Lance C. Johnson; he's been haikuing at his blog and now I've caught it.)

  2. Wooooo! I got the tequila! Now who was bringing Ray?

    --by the way Dragonball Z, niice!

  3. But who posted the one thousandth post? Do they get a prize?

  4. I'm drinkin' Victory's Hop Devil IPA right now. Raytract on, Raytractors!

  5. It's very early in the morning, I woke up and can't sleep anymore, so I'll get me a drink now. A small one, there's a day ahead. :)

  6. I already broke out the Absinthe and Pimm's. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  7. Great work from a great community.
    Here's to 1000 more!

  8. Indeed. Nicely done, 'tractors!


  9. I offer a toast in the Irish tradition.

    Dear Lord,
    Let them that love us, Love us.
    But those that don't love us,
    please sprain their ankles so we can know when they are comming!


  10. Nice imagery game using Vegeta's image for the over one thousand.


  11. Why does the blog archive on the right-hand side-bar only say 926?


    Saying that, I need no excuse for an early afternoon tipple - cheers to all and to all; comfy chairs!

  12. do we include the drafts? Because the blog archive on the page says we're only at 926.

  13. Oh crudberries: I was looking at the draft count.

    Now what the heck am I going to do with all these bananas? Sheesh.

  14. Right, I am taking my Absinthe back then...

  15. Er, I've metabolised that bourbon with much celebration and drum playing...

  16. Now I feel like a right kill-joy!

    Quick, someone write 74 posts....

  17. 6
    maybe there were some posts before the "official" count began?

    I don't really give a flying fuck. I'm with Alex, have drink, or whatever, we are there, symbolically. For those of you that want to pin it down to the exact post. get bent, as they say.

  18. (giggle)

    Mental image of Quasar looking glumly at a small mountain of bananas.

    (cracks up)


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