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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Craters Mk 2

Kaitlyn posted a thread on the craters on the moon, so I thought I'd follow it up with a post about craters on the earth. This was written a long time ago, but I've never had an answer. I even e-mailed it to AiG.

On earth there are over 150 identified major metorite craters, and these are the ones that can be easily found. Assuming even cratering, there should be twice as many that hit the ocean's, (2 thirds of earth is ocean), and many many more that have been eroded, buried or destroyed by tectonic movements. And there have been other sites where no crater has been found, but shocked quartz and other indicators provide evidence for an impact.

So, to be safe, well assume 300 major meteroite strikes.

How does this fit into the YEC timetable? 6000/300 = 1 impact every twenty years. So life should be extinct.

Unless they all happened at once, like in the flood! This is the only real opinion I have been given.

Remember, merely 1 of these would destroy most of life on earth... certainly all large lifeforms. The massive shockwave, scything off everything within a large radius. The burning rain, creating bushfires on the other side of the world, and removing a lot of oxygen. And finally the ashcloud, resulting in a decades long nuclear winter, starving to death most of the species that are still alive. Now... multiply that by 300.

So all life not on the "protected by God" Ark is incinerated, drowned, buried, suffocated and frozen after the fires die out. This includes plants, fish, other marine creatures. And yet... 40 days later Noah sends out a dove, and it comes back with... an olive branch! Thats one hardy olive tree.

Add to this all the supervolcano's letting go, all the Mega-quakes happening at once... etc... and thats one very nasty flood. The bible didn't mention that.



  1. Quasar,

    You're trying that old 'appeal to logic' fallacy again, aren't you? You know that only works on people who accept evidence in support of ideas. What were you thinking?

  2. I agree with Expat, Logic sucks.

  3. Well, since everyone's not so keen on logic, here's the reply e-mail I recieved from AiG:

    Answers In Genesis's return e-mail:
    Dear James,

    Thank you for contacting Answers in Genesis.

    In the “Get Answers” section of our website you will find many informational articles that will help you answer these important questions. We also have a search feature that you may type in topical items or key words - this will bring up related articles that will provide good resources for you. The search feature is in the upper right hand corner imbedded as a white space in the orange bar.

    The following links should help get you started with some pertinent articles:

    I pray this helps! God bless and have a great day.

    In His grip,

    Bradley Jones
    Answers Representative
    Answers in Genesis
    P.O. Box 510
    Hebron, KY 41048

    Considering a donation? Click here
    Answers in Genesis is a non-profit, Christ-centered, non-denominational ministry dedicated to upholding the authority of Scripture from the very first verse! The information contained in this e-mail message is proprietary, privileged or confidential, and is intended for the use of the addressee and no one else. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by e-mail and delete all copies of the message.

    And, here's my logical, and thus completely useless, response (which I did not send to them):

    Link 1:Did a meteor wipe out the dinosaurs? What about the iridium layer?
    by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D.

    Deals with only 1 impact... the dinosaur one. Has no relevance to my question.

    Link 2: A biblically-based cratering theory
    by Danny Faulkner

    Indicates that the Craters on the moon (and earth as well) were formed during two distinct "impacting episodes"... correlating with the Fall, and the Flood. Since a flood capable of carving the grand canyon would undoubtedly destroy all evidence of "Fall" Craters... it all must have happened during the flood...
    Spencer also suggested that the known number of astroblemes may considerably underestimate the number of Flood-related impacts.

    ...with even more impacts then what I'm suggesting.

    Not only that, but they would have all been coming from the same direction...
    The large impact basins and resultant maria were formed at the time of the Flood by a narrow, intense, swarm of meteoroids travelling on parallel paths. The meteoroids were likely comets or fragments of a large comet.

    ... which would have meant that one side of the earth would have been completely vaporised.

    This model is woefully inadaquete, and (even in theory) only explains the cratering on the moon (unlike the conventional model, which explain the earth, the moon and the other bodies in the solar system.

    Link 3:Big bangs on the earth—or big belches?
    by Carl Wieland

    Ah... Verneshot explosions. Which, incidentally, would be even worse for Noah than meteorite impacts.

    So, I got two irrelevant links and one which (whilst dealing with a different subject, by the way) basically said 'It all happened during the flood'. Anyone surprised?

    PS: I love their snobbery in telling me where to find their "Answers" section", when I already told them that I had searched the site thoroughly for an answer in my original e-mail...

  4. indeed, appealing to logic will get you nowhere (with these people).

    No matter what kind of argument you can craft, they will always have the ultimate "out": God can do anything.

    Even the impossible.

  5. LOL, I had never thought about the olive branch! Good point, Q.

    And what's with the 'In His Grip' sign off at the end of the return email? That's more than slightly creepy!

    WEM is right. Anything, it doesn't matter what it is or how absolutely stupid and illogical it is or how freaking impossible it is, fundies just shove a big ol' Goddidit in the logic hole and keep right on truckin'.

  6. Quasar as I was watching the video, I thought one thing. As that moon sized meteor passed over you, if you were high enough to avoid the water it would bring with it, the gravitational pull from it would affect you. It would make the earth's gravity seem less and you could jump and possibly almost fly.

    See you can always look on the bright side of life.

  7. Beams,

    That would be awesome.

    If you're going to go out, that's the sort of blaze of glory you'd want to go out in.

    Has anyone seen the trailer for '2012'? I do love a bit of apocalyptic CGI!


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