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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When it comes to debates and Q&A, I like Matt D. better than Richard D.

Seriously, I do. I'm not a Dawkins fan. Never have been. There's just something about him that gets under my skin and crawls around my spine. Yeah, I've seen a couple of videos where he wasn't as annoying as I usually find him, but it's only a couple out of the many, many I've tried to watch.

Hitchens is my favorite. I adore hearing him speak, and I'd rather hear him speak than read him.

Then there is Matt Dillahunty. To me, he is in a class by himself when it comes to debate and Q&A, and I really love listening to him in general. There is very little out there of his public access show that I have not either listened to on podcast or watched as a video and that's saying something because I get annoyed easily with listening to one person go on and on about their views. I admire the plain spoken way that he addresses people, his clarity and concision in making a point, his intellect and his level headedness. He also has a way of slicing through theist bullshit like a hot knife through butter with incredible ease.

So, in honor of one of my favorite atheists, here are three videos that I particularly enjoyed. Yes, it will take more than a few minutes to get through them, but I felt it was worth it.

Physics and biology proves Gods existence

Matt Dillahunty DESTROYS a Theist - Part 1

Matt Dillahunty DESTROYS a Theist - Part 2
(I LOVED this one!)


  1. i like dawkins a lot but i like this channel too. i really should embed some of them on my blog...

  2. TMT,

    I checked out your blog, and I love that Thomas Jefferson quote.

  3. TMT - you have a great blog, I am there often, via planetatheism or Mojoey

    Welcome, we are honoured.

  4. You know Matt D. on Ray's blog is Dillahunty and yeah I like him over Dawkins also. I am also a big Michael Shermer fan.

  5. Shorter T. Jefferson:

    "MMMMM bacon".

  6. LOL Craig!

    Beam, I like Shermer a lot, too.

  7. Hmm interesing look into the atheist mindset

  8. Thanks folks. :)

    I wasn't going to post in a thread that was praising me, but I wanted to point out, or those who are interested, you're not forced to simply watch YouTube clips. We post the entire 90-minute show on Google video and we're now streaming the show live every week.

    The YouTube clips are posted by fans, so you'll get to see their preferred segments - which may be better than the parts that don't get posted...so maybe you shouldn't go watch an entire episode!


    Dig around a bit, you'll find the links to the stream and the archive. (We're going to make some of this information easier to find in the future.)

    Lastly, as long as I"m pimping, we do another podcast, geared toward atheist rather than the general public...



  9. Streaming the show live every week???!!!?? :::passes out from joy:::

    Keep up the good work Matt!

  10. MrFreeThinker said...
    "Hmm interesing look into the atheist mindset."

    I am praying that your head doesnt blow up at the mere sight of these evil people corresponding with each other.

  11. Matt,
    I'm checking out your stuff. Good work!

  12. TMT,
    Very well done. Very well indeed, and keep up the good work.

  13. I already listen every week to atheist experience and to the nonprophets bi-weekly. I plan on driving down to visit sometime soonish.

  14. I've checked out some of the clips at atheist experience, but haven't had the time to watch entire episodes. I appreciate you posting distilled portions of them, NM.

    Matt, I thought you made some interesting points, a few of which I hadn't heard before. Nicely done.

    It makes me a little sad, however, to listen to theists repeatedly make the same mistake: namely, of asserting that belief = fact.

    As a personal aside, I get depressed at reading/hearing the same nonsense over and over. Why doesn't God choose to inspire logical people more often?


  15. [As a personal aside, I get depressed at reading/hearing the same nonsense over and over. Why doesn't God choose to inspire logical people more often?]
    I pray for the same thing too....

  16. "Hitchens is my favorite. I adore hearing him speak, and I'd rather hear him speak than read him."


    I'm saying this with my thumb pressed against my nose and my fingers wiggling:

    Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah I have met Hitchens in person.

  17. I'm sure he felt greatly honoured ...

  18. Loved 'em!
    Having only seen the You Tube clips as posted, I can't comment on the rest of Matt's output, but the excerpts showed debate as I think it should be - simple questions with simple answers. The minute a response becomes too long, the thread is lost. To be fair, the caller John was not very adept at debate (and didn't appear to know his Bible very well), and Matt's clearly able to marshall and express his thoughts very quickly.
    I'd be very interested to see him go up against an articulate theist with better debating skills.

  19. Jaser,

    Matt can only debate who calls in. He has offered to debate Ray Comfort several times on Ray's blog, but Ray never even acknowledges it.

  20. Geoff !!! You must tell me DETAILS !!! I'm so freaking jealous!!!

    I'm not easily star struck. I simply do not care about most famous people, but there are a few that I stand in awe of because of their intellect and their body of work. Hitchens would be one of those.

    I feel the same way about Lawrence Ferlinghetti. I was nearly speechless when I met him.

  21. Beam is right. Scumfort never took Matt up on the offer to debate.

  22. Oh goody, an opportunity to brag again. Not as good at meeting Hitch, but at least I got mentioned on Atheist Experience for a brief email converstion I had with Tracie (about the Batman Begins interpretations).

  23. I think we can agree that Ray doesn't belong in the "articulate theist" category though - he's just a preacher. I'm not surprised he wouldn't want to go up against Matt.
    Ray can't debate, he can only open his mouth and go "yadder yadder....In love with your sin.....yadder yadder, why do you hate God...blah blah... consider this banana...." etc etc
    I was impressed by Matt, and have very similar views, I'd just enjoy seeing a better joust.

    Incidentally off-topic, but does Ray dye his hair? He looks suspiciously Grecian 2000-esque in the photo accompanying the post about his friend who had died.
    I asked the question over at Ray's, but it wasn't posted.
    It seems an odd thing for a fundie to do - perhaps he believes when he dyes, he goes to heaven?

  24. Jaser,

    If he does, I'll bet he uses this.

  25. Off Topic:
    For Stew only: Nobody else read this.

    Stew, It looks like I've been banned over a Dani'el's blog.

    I write a comment and hit the publish button and it disappears.

    Would you please ask him why?

    He didn't take down my story about the Christian biting the balls off the Lion so I don't think that triggered it.

    Anyhoo, if you have time....

  26. Dani'el is moderating now Froggie, like Ray does.

  27. Froggie,

    I read your comment to Stew. I am such a rebel.

  28. Hey Matt, I know this is late.

    I am always amazed by your ability to keep a straight line in an argument, since every time you try to stay on that line your callers immediately and frantically try to change the subject.

    I haven't seen your show enough, but do you recall one (and can maybe point me to YouTube? :P) where you had a non-atheist caller that gave you a run for your money?


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