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Monday, November 10, 2008

No new Ray?

He hasn't posted anything in a while. I wonder what's up. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sure that if I hear that Crockaduck argument just one more time, I'll finally be a true believer in Da Jeebus.


  1. Lance,
    Ray is in France to speak to a crazed crowd of 7,000 people.

    The time and the place seems to be rather hush-hush.

  2. Maybe the shock of knowing that France has free healthcare, that the French are happier in general than US citizens, that life is livable and nicer in a freer-from-superstition society, has stopped him for a little while?


  3. It should not stop his people from updating the blog entries though.

  4. Maybe he didn't know they had internet in France.

  5. Speaking of fundies, here's a complete tangent (stuff like this makes me wonder if I should request author permissions):

    I know similar things have appeared in the news recently, but did anyone catch this month's Scientific American article on the appearance of order from chaos?

    The fundamentalist argument about the Big Bang (and the resulting modern human society) violating the 2nd law of thermodynamics has always bothered me. Though few of them were ever able to express the issue with causing me to chuckle, it seemed like an interesting argument.

    I was glad to see the article both confirming that they had a valid point, but that yet again, science is able to provide answers far more tangible than faith can.

  6. Ray is in France?! Zounds, where's Stew when we need him? I'm always up for some investigative reporting... We really should start encouraging that; I was actually getting really excited when Mjaursalic (sp?) was considering attending that other Living Waters conference.


  7. kelley,

    That's the worst anyone's ever botched my name. Sorry to disappoint about not making it to Transformed. Hopefully, Ray will come back to the general area next year and I will be healthy enough to travel. I decided to sleep in that day instead of attempting to drive there.

  8. mjarsulic,

    Sorry! I considered looking it up once I knew I had no idea how it was spelled, but I was too lazy.

  9. I'm cynical, and I sometimes fall prey to conspiracy theories. It seemed like Ray's trip to Paris came out of the blue. He didn't mention it until the last moment. He probably went, but I wonder.

  10. If Ray's ever in Brisbane, Australia, and I'm free that day, and I know about it, then I'll go.

    And since whateverman mentioned the 2nd law of you-know-what, here's something from Pharyngula.

  11. I speculate that he didn't go to France alone, and that the people accompanying him maybe were the same people who help to moderate and administer his blog.
    Or, maybe he's afraid that certain content would get through into publication that he doesn't wish to appear. Content that could have legal consequences, or stir ideological controversy. As I understand, he hasn't been employing a mod team for long, maybe he isn't sure yet how competent they are.

  12. I sent Ray an e-mail answering some of his unanswerable questions..all I got was a reply about how busy he is getting it on with Kirk!Here is a link to my blog page and how can I join in on your fun?" Here is a link to my Ray blog


    check it out please!

  13. Kelly, I'm bloody miles from Paris! If I made the effort to get there I'd rather spend the time in the Louvre.
    Imagine going to Paris and chosing to listen to Ray Comfort!

    I have been trwling the french news and french google to find sign of Ray, but so far, zip. All I found was the french blog translating his book. And it turns out that's being done with his support and blessing.

  14. Does anyone know if Ray acutally speaks french?

    Or will he be speaking to a room full of people that have absolutely no idea what he's on about?

    Sorry, that was a bit redundant.

  15. mr smith,
    When he visited Amsterdam (or another Netherlands city) he had a translator with him (a young, handsome man). Just like those African televangelists always have some middle-aged, dewy-eyed woman from the local congregation.

    Yes, I'm overgeneralizing. But I couldn't pass the image of a young man barely suppressing his very personal excitement about standing so close to The Man.

  16. Froggie: "Ray is in France to speak to a crazed crowd of 7,000 people."

    Does this mark the official end of the Enlightenment?

  17. Kelley,

    You said "Zounds". Please, as a worshipper of Zeus, I find that very offensive. Posts that contain blasphemy will be deleted.

    Heh. "Zounds." You're cool.

  18. This reminds me of the post Ray wrote about going to France.

    In it, he "joked" that he didn't know there were 7,000 Christians in France.

    This is part of what bothers me so much about Comfort. What he thinks is funny, I usually do not.

    When I read his post, I thought he was trying to be humorous, but it just came out as stupid, and degrading.

    A simple search about France's demographics show that of the current 64,000,000 population in France, over 1/2 of the population is Roman Catholic, (Ray doesn't seem to feel that these 32 million people are Christians) and that there are over 1 million Protestants in France.

    I'm sure that most of what I find funny, Ray Comfort believes is heretical and blasphemous, thus condemning me to an eternity in hell.

    What he thinks is funny, I think is laziness to find a correct answer.

    One of the smallest Wikipedia entries - Evangelical Comedians.

  19. WEM,
    Thanks for the link to that superb article on the 2nd Law.

    Good find.


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