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Friday, November 28, 2008

Personal Introspection- Hard to Do

Some of the comments in the last few posts have set me to thinking about introspection.
Charles has extended a very well stated defense of his comment. It was also pointed out that members of this blog could very well see the cynicism in his comment, yet we all realize that in the environment in which we operate here, we cannot afford the luxury of making those outlandish statements with no repercussions. A large segment of the population does not understand the concept of satire.

This environment is not conducive to satircal prose. Fundies don't get it. Never will; that is, unless you end it with a smiley face or a disclaimer of some kind.

I think we just went through a moment of our collective blog retrospection, and it is my opinion that it was good for us. And I think we have come to the conclusion that we should Kill Them!


  1. "And I think we have come to the conclusion that we should Kill Them!"

    LOL, Froggie! I didn't think Charles meant any harm to anyone when I read what he wrote beucase I've seen a lot fo what he has had to say here and over at the Swamp for several months. But, yeah, I do see how it could be taken out of context, just like anything else.

    Btw, is this a 'choose your weapon' killing or has everyone already agreed on what to use? All I have is a potato masher, but you'd be surprised at how adept I am with it.

  2. Also, I misspelled 'because' and 'of'.

    Note to self: preview is your friend.

  3. NM,
    When I read that thread (but I did not comment on it) I knew exactly the frustration that Charles was expeiencing.

    At the risk of "pulling rank, because of age," I have been though this before. Remember, I have five kids......

  4. It's a delicate game of trying to get your message across, while refraining from saying anything that could get you into trouble should you be quoted out of context. Unfortunately, as you mentioned Froggie, irony is often missed either because the reader doesn't get it in the first place, or can't be bothered to read the comment in its original habitat.

  5. Good example was me chewing out Robert Madwell.

    I could of sworn I got an A in 2nd grade comprehension :(

  6. Sheesh, you make just one comment in favor of genocide and people get all bent out of shape.

  7. Serial though.
    I love fundies. Especially if you brown them well and use lots of ketchup.


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