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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The Frog just spent the last couple hours getting his new HP laptop up and running and this is his first text ever written on it.

Yeah, it's fun to get a new puter- in one way, but I hate to abandon the old campaq since it has been bulletproof. Since I'm not a gamer and don't do rocket science I bought a mid priced model. Mrs Frog now has the Compaq all to herself until it finally bites the dust. I tried to give the new machine to her but most of her music and other stuff is on the old one so she wanted to stick with it for now.

Having said that, and since the Posts have been a bit free wheeling tonight, I was just wondering if any of you had ever landed on this video.

This kid plays Pachelbel’s Canon, the composition from the turn of the 18th century known for its solemn chord progressions and its overexposure at weddings. His rendition is a technically challenging piece and uses a maneuver called sweep-picking. This was of interest to me because my late father in law did some sweep picking but not to this level.

This might be old stuff to you all, but I still play it now and then and fired it up to test out the speakers on the new puter. And yes, they are far superior to the old one.


  1. You know, if it was a Mac you wouldn't have had to spend those hours setting it up.

    Macs and delivery pizza: Ready to go straight out of the box.

    Just sayin'.

    P.S. That's exciting. New computers (of all kinds) are fun. Sorry to be an asshole. ;O)

  2. Kelly,
    I know that is true.

    But everything we own and have owned and everything I run at work are PCs and I was afraid of the unknown.

    Maybe I should have considered it more before making the choice but I had to have something to take with me on some road work I'll be doing, so I didn't have a lot of time to ponder.

    Maybe next time!

  3. Oh shit, that guy is good! Makes me want to crack out my guitar again!

  4. Rev,

    My son found that one almost two years ago. The kid is a South Korean. He was, and remains very shy. There was a write-up in the New York Times about him.

    Search "Funtwo" and I think you'll find it.

    The video was originally thought to be a fake by people who did not understand the technique, and to add to the criticism, the first video was a hair out of synk.

    I don't know what happened to this kid but my son said he had "heard" that he is a highly intelligent scientist type, never able to get over his shyness and not enough interested in music to persue it much further.

    If anyone runs on to any history about him, I'd love to hear about it but I'm goona be churlish and lazy on this one.

  5. Revenant said...
    Oh shit, that guy is good! Makes me want to crack out my guitar again!

    Amen to that. Just think about dusting off the ol git and paying that the next time you have some friends in.....

    In my case, I have at least fully tuned guitars in their stands at any given moment here. My wife plays a twelve sting and a six stringer.

    Ya know what though? I abhor, hate, despise, and detest "practicing" on musical instruments. I am so technically incompetent on every instrument I ever tried, except percussion, but they gave me a headache.

    And I equally hate those vituoso bastards, if you know what I mean....

  6. Yeager,

    Good one!
    That chord progression has a life of it's own.

  7. Froggie
    "Amen to that. Just think about dusting off the ol git and paying that the next time you have some friends in....."

    I'm not really one for performing for others, I more play as a hobby; something to do after a long day (which is why I don't understand why I haven't played in awhile). I never took lessons or anything, I mostly just fool around with it and try to learn songs I like by ear. I find playing very relaxing.
    I always loved the sound of the twelve string, I often wander into the guitar shop near my house and play either Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here', the parts I've been able to decipher of Led Zeppelin's 'Over the Hills and Far Away', or just mess around on one of the twelve string guitars! I would have a collection of guitars if money allowed, but sadly at this point in my life it doesn't!

  8. "Punk music is a joke, it really is baroque"

    Hehehe I guess that means I like baroque music and baroque art!

  9. Rev,
    I feel it too.
    I love the soul of a guitar.
    Especially the Blues guitar.

  10. I used to have a lute but it baroque. ;)

    Dani'El the lurker strikes!
    Then sinks back into the shadows...

  11. Aaaaarrghh! We got lurked!

    Hiya Dani'El.

    I got the most awesome word verification yet: "Cooduck". It's just missing a "c" and an "r".

  12. Hey Froggie -
    Since you mentioned that you got an HP laptop, check out this link if you haven't already - possible issues with laptop batteries:

    Also, on an off topic - no, I didn't have any comment (about spanking) to which you referred. I think you may have been thinking of something by Rob Penn or Whateverman.

  13. Laof,
    Thanks for the heads up on the battery. I checked and mine is not one of the recalls. 'Prectiate it.

    Sorry, I did get you mixed in with a comment made by Rob Penn.

  14. I have a 12-string acoustic that's been sitting in the wardrobe just waiting to be re-strung...I may just dust it off tonight and see how much Dylan I can remember - 'The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol' is sure to be first...

    Oh, and if you're talking about good strumming techniques:


    This guy is amazing.

  15. Expat,
    Good find.
    Amazing how much music he gets out of that ukulele!

  16. Expatmatt
    That was awesome!!

    You guys have all inspired me to play again!


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