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Monday, November 10, 2008

What's French for "copyright"?

Ray's book translated and posted online.
Some volunteers have translated Ray's book "The Way of the Master" for "the sole goal of advancing the Kingdom of God"

I've posted it to the latest "Genesis" blog over at the swamp, coz I'm not convinced Ray would like having his books available for free on peoples' blogs.
Or perhaps I'm wrong and Ray is not motivated by money and has made all his work public domain.

Which way will he jump?


  1. Have you ever read the copyright notice in any of Ray's books? They're traditional creationist stipulations: you can't reproduce any part, even quotes, at all without their written permission.

  2. It's funny...when you look at it in French, it almost looks like it might be saying something intelligent.

  3. Copyright in French is 'copyright' if I'm not mistaken.
    Perhaps pronounced with an exaggerated, snobby accent as some are so fond of doing....

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Since we all own copyright in our own works, regardless of Comfort's dodgy disclaimer, there is nothing, once his book o'cack is published, to reproduce our own bits and critique it - which is covered under fair use, effectively putting it into the public domain.

    Fuck him, basically.

  6. je ne comprends pas un mot d'anglais: I DON'T UNDERSTAND !!!

    Mais il est bon que vous sachiez que nous avons officiellement demandé à Ray Comfort son autorisation pour traduire et publier son livre sur Internet.

    Il a accepté et nous a accordé sa bénédiction!

    Shalom à tous

    Laurence VANNYPEN, responsable du blog Paul & Barnabas (www.blogdei.com/pauletbarnabas)


  7. mardochée said:
    You should understand that we have officially asked Ray Comfort for his permission to translate and publish his book on the internet.

    He has accepted and given us his blessing.

    Shalom to all.

    Laurence VANNYPEN responsible for the blog Paul & Barnabas (www.blogdei.com/pauletbarnabas)

    Well I'll be blowed. Chalk one mark up to Ray. I really thought he was in the dark and would hassle them to cease & desist.

    I was wrong.

  8. Qui est Ray pour vous?

    Un ami?
    Un dangereux malfaiteur?

    Je ne connais pas Ray Comfort personnellement, je ne l'ai jamais rencontré et je n'ia jamais mangé en tête à tête avec lui (bien dommage)..

    Mais si j'ai publié son ouvrage (avec sa permission et sa bénédiction) c'est parce que je suis 100% d'accord avec ce qu'il partage à travers les pages de son livre...

    En france, nous avons besoin de découvrir la simplicité de l'Evangile:
    Poursquoi Jésus-Christ est-il mort sur la croix?
    Que m'arrivera-til après la mort?
    Comment Dieu m'a-t-il prouvé son amour?

    Si vous pouvez le traduire, j'ai mis en ligne sur mon blog www.blogdei.com/pauletbarnabas comment Jésus a percutté et transformé ma vie...

    J'étais athée, incrédule, rationnelle (normal, je suis française) mais depuis qu'il est venu se laisser trouver alors que je ne le cherchais pas, et depuis qu'il m'a exaucée alors que je ne lui demandais rien, toute ma vie a changé.

    Un amour si grand et si puissant ne peut s'expliquer!

    Il est VIVANT pour toujours!

    Soyez bénis

    Laurence VANNYPEN

  9. Felix
    "L'état c'est moi"?? Are you the Sun King reincarnated??

  10. Laurence - bienvenue.

    Pour le plupart, nous sommes athée ici, mais pas tous. Nous étions frustrés avec le blog de Ray Comfort, parce que il utilise nos mots hors de context, il ne publie pas toujours nos "comments", et surtout il utilise les mêmes mensonges quand il parle de science et surtout quand il parle d'evolution.
    Après il a changé le nom de son blog a "Atheist Central" on a crée celui la pour qu'on peut mieux discuter.
    On trouve Ray souvent malhonnete, ou du moins maigre avec la vérité!

    Je le trouve etonnant que vous vous appelez "incrédule, rationnelle" mais vous êtes néanmoins convaincu par les doctrines de "voie du Maitre". Le logique "Est ce que vous avez jamais menti? - Donc vous êtes menteur" ne tient pas debout. Parce que on peut également dire "Est-ce-que vous avez jamais fait quelque chose de bien? - Donc, vous êtes bien"

    Pardonnez l'écriture, le français,n'est pas mon premier langue!


  11. Hello Stew,

    Thank's for your message.

    Your french is very good !

    Je voudrais seulement rectifier un petit point: je ne suis pas convaincue par ce que Ray Comfort dit, mais par ce que la Parole de Dieu dit!

    Et ça, je l'ai reçu par la grâce de la révélation de la croix, qui est la démonstration de l'amour de Dieu pour toi et pour moi!


  12. I wonder if Ray's position would be different if atheists were getting rich by selling edited versions of his work?

  13. PS: Je voudrais aussi préciser que Ray Comfort n'a rien demandé en ce qui concerne les droits d'auteur et les droits de publication sur internet en français...

    Ray a été d'une très grande gentillesse lors des contacts que nous avons eu avec lui pour la diffusion de son ouvrage traduit.

    J'aimerais réellement que beaucoup d'autres auteurs nous permettent d'en faire autant.

    Je vous souhaite uen très bonne nuit.

    Dieu voulant, à demain!

    Laurence VANNYPEN

  14. Laurence (mardochée) has said that Ray has been the kindest and most helpful of people, he has made no demands regarding his rights as an auther. She wishes others would be so generous.

    She claims to have been atheist and skeptic before conversion, and when I suggested that Ray's theology is a bit flaky she said it wasn't convinced by anything Ray said, but by what the word of God had said.

  15. stew,
    thanks for confirming my reading. I can't reply properly in French, but I understand most of it.

    Btw, does anyone here know if it's true that Ray charges $$ for public debating? If so, that sheds some doubt on allegations of cowardice agains prominent atheists who are 'called out'. There are various reasons not to debate Ray or someone similar, but cowardice seems to be the least conceivable of them.

  16. I'm so pleased I've found laurence's (mardocée) blog.

    It's a gold mine.

    The latest posts are about illuminati dissidents confessing all. Apparantly the illuminati can time travel and astral travel.

    And another post about satanists infiltrating churches. You can spot these satanaists because (among other things) they speak fluent English, have sophisticated taste in music and the arts, they are kind and they like cakes.

    That's me!

    It's going to be great discussing crazy fundie stuff in french. Hell, I didn't know these crazies even existed over here. I thought France was either catholic or apostate.

    I suspect that it is the catholic heritage, married with US style funimenatlism that gives this particular flavour of vampire believing stuff.

    On her blog, readers are asking for advice on the best use of holy oil for annointing against evil.

    No, really.

  17. Stew
    You're going to have to keep the rest of us non-french speaking people up to date on what happens there...it sounds too good!

  18. So far my 2 comments on that blog have yet to be approved :(

  19. Raytractors goes global!

    Stew; as official 'tractors ambassador to France, be sure to give out a big bonjour from the group, eh?

    Any connection between his book getting the French treatment and his speaking engagement this weekend?

    Sort of: "you pimp out my scribbles for me without any cost to you and I get to fly to France, take 7,000 French folks' love offerings and expand my market share and we'll work out a price for the rest of my books" deal?

  20. felix said...
    Btw, does anyone here know if it's true that Ray charges $$ for public debating?

    From this post.
    Ray Comfort

    Upon further investigation I've discovered that Ray's speaking requirements to be
    "• We do not charge a fee, but a "love offering" is requested
    • The church must allow Living Waters to set-up a book table
    • Two round-trip airline tickets from LAX (preferably a direct flight--this is very important)
    • Hotel accommodations for two people (one room, two beds)
    • If you want to schedule Ray, then there must be a minimum of 1000 people in attendance. (To schedule another staff member there need only be 200 people in attendance.)"
    WTF is a "Love Offering"?

  21. A "love offering" is money, BTW.

  22. So, speaking solo fits under the same requirements as debating? I wasn't sure that that was the case, that's why I asked.

    They don't charge a fee, but require money anyway. (I looked up the precise definition of 'require' to make sure). And if that love offering doesn't meet their standards, they reject the invitation, right? Clever move - if someone offers more than they would standardly charge, they profit, and if it's less than would like, they decline.

    What is this, bazaar apologetics?

    I like that term. Mine!

  23. forgot a 'they'. please insert where you deem it fitting. kthxbai


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