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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry, Ray, It Might Have Been the Egg



  1. Haha, nice twist.
    'but, but... those are dinosaurs not chickens. Chickens are from magic! Magic I say!'

    word verifier tells me it's all cocone.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I thought that this was old news...didn't they already know that at least some dinosaurs hatched from eggs and that birds were derived from them?

    On an irrelevent side note, get a load of WOTFP. Think it'll catch on?

  4. of course they knew, this was sarcastic, I assume.

  5. Reynold,

    Yeah, this isn't anything revolutionary...but it helps illustrate a point that Ray fumbled over recently. (Like many reports on science from the non-specialized media, this article over-simplifies things and doesn't use language as carefully as good science writing should.)

  6. Hey guys,

    Either I am seeing things or Ray has completely removed the entirety of the post under the present title, Genesis Contradictions.

    It was the craziest shit I ever saw him write. It was quite contradictry.

    I was wondeing if any of you could find it archived anywhere. It is hilarious.

    I responded and when I went back the whole thing was gone.

  7. froggie,
    I didn't read that post before as I was asleep when it got posted, but there are only two posts there now. Did it go so badly that he deleted the whole thing (I think he never deleted all comments on a post before?)?
    Maybe he did it accidentally and reposted the entry from his desktop or something.
    We could test that if people could remember and rewrite their posts. If the insanity came from Rayniacs, this might be a hint that things are getting just a little too crazy for Ray's taste. He likes to post provokingly simplistic or inane things, but I don't think he's such a great fan of the really loony stuff. He's clever enough to know what makes his people look really kooky instead of just fringe-silly.

  8. Alex,
    The insanity was in the Post itself.

    My memory fails me- I know that sounds wierd. But it was so crazy. My comment and the whole post disappeared.

  9. The next incarnation of Ray's blog will no doubt be called "Ray Comfort's Ministry of Truth"

    Seriously, he get more Orwellian all the time.

  10. He deleted a whole thread before... I just don't remember what it was about. When many asked he said it was deleted by accident...


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