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Sunday, November 16, 2008

50 millions each year?

If anybody was wondering why there are several million abortions each year: Those numbers are not from the US alone, but worldwide and numbers from China are only estimated but huge.
And yes, sometimes abortion is murder. There is a disgusting case in China right now where a woman is forced by the authorities to abort a six and a half month old fetus. Just because she has two children from before (she has a minority background, so she's allowed to have two). And I've heard similiar stories before...

Maybe we should send all those pro-lifers to China. They could actually do a good job there...


  1. I rilly rilly rilly wanted to respond to this - but I found that I had nothing to say.

    I think you nailed it, Tilia...

  2. Forced abortion is despicable, no matter if the fetus has consciousness or awareness or not. I didn't know they forced abortion, I thought they would just sentence people to a fine (still a dumb thing).
    Stemming population growth is one thing, but infringing on human rights to do it is just wrong.

  3. I can imagine the visa application.

    Reason for entry to China:
    [ ] Visit friends or relatives
    [ ] Leisure
    [ ] Business
    [ ] Convention
    [X] Other: stopping abortions


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