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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pot, meet Kettle

A little irony for our blood:


Discuss, enjoy. And fight for the gnomes.


  1. Real gnomes were meant for punting, not guarding the petunias...


  2. Oh yeah,
    I love punting Gnomes.....

  3. "There is no such thing as a real gnome so why should we have such unnatural creatures in churchyards?"

    Hahahahahaaa! A lesson from the Diocese of Bath and Wells in what is real and what is imaginary....that's 2 good!!

  4. :::facepalm:::

    A priest once opined to me that the prime qualification for becoming a bishop was stupidity. It took me a few years to believe him, but with each year that passes I see more evidence in support of his assertion.

  5. Truly classic.

    For the longest time I actually thought gnomes an mormons were the same thing. How embarrassed I was when I found out. Still, it was the gnomes who were truly insulted. And now this.


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