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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Next Stop, 1000

From Pharyngula:


Man, they act like it was an actual person. I truly don't get it.


  1. Off topic, on TooManyTribbles blog, via Planet Atheism, George Smoot on the design of the Universe Ted talks

    Ow! ow! my brain hurts!

  2. "Man, they act like it was an actual person."

    Yeah, I understand that they yell when it first happens, because it could have fallen on a real person, but the fact that they keep yelling even after it's clear that everyone is okay...just batshit crazy.

  3. :::giggle:: See, this sort of thing is why I couldn't go back to church even if I wanted to. If something like that happened I would be the only one there laughing my ass off and not being able to stop.

  4. Someone named James at Pharyngula made this comment: "we can make him better than he was; better, faster, stronger."

  5. That's kinda funny.

    I watched a couple of other ones from there. I think the Balloon launch fail was frickin hilarious.

  6. And the 2nd Commandment is?

    Seems fitting for that violation.

  7. Dan,

    If man had not thought up a god that was just like him, jealous and angry about it, then there wouldn't have been any need for that 2nd commandment, now would there?

  8. Why in the fuck would they conscript six octagenarians to tote that obviously top heavy Idol???

    I knew in the first frame of that flick that the pretty statue was way too top heavy to convey in this manner. So I figured they had it bolted down or sumpin. But NO!

    Toooo funny!

  9. Danny,

    " Dan +†+ said...
    And the 2nd Commandment is?

    Seems fitting for that violation."

    That is more funny and salient from my point of view that you could ever imagine!

    Maybe sometime we will be back on that topic and I will have time to relate.

    Christians in this country do not understand that they only exist because of the first ammendment of our founding document, The "Constitution,"

    Did you ever hear of that document? Or do you have your head so far up your ass that you think your bible trumps that founding document?

    The Founders were very wise to eliminate religious affiliation as a qualification for political office in our beloved country.

    If they had not done that, there would have been perpetual war between the different Christian sects.

    Aaaaand, by the way, the baptists, et al would have fragmented as they have and the Cathoics would be running the place.

    So, I think you shpuld just go back into your goat-dung hut of religion you practice and just think about why ...?...

  10. Meh - sybolism is huge in some Christian sects. Wafers, crosses, prayer beads. Wine FFS.

    Is it any wonder that they also attribute divinity to wood and plaster?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Ah Stew! Few things come as close to Worthy Of Whateverman Worship as Ted.Com...

    EDIT: I still can't figure out why I drop words when I type. Very strange

  13. WEM, do you find them by your keyboard later? >:)

  14. haha that's awesome! How is no one in the church laughing? Even when I was a christian I would have been laughing my as off at that. I mean it's not like it's really jeebus.

  15. I don't know... If I had been in the audience -- sorry, congregation -- I'm not convinced I'd have been laughing...

    I mean, that would've scared the beyeshua out of me.


  16. That wouldn't have happened with a statue of Mohammed.

    Nut seriously, that statue probably was quite old and valuable. It's sad that people feel the ritualized obligation to carry fragile works of art around unsecured.
    As my grandmother used to say, 'we'd still be eating from ancient Egyptian plates if people weren't so clumsy'.

  17. ^argh, it's 'but' not 'nut'. Old Freud rears his head again.

  18. Update on the Jean story:

    see last post.

  19. Hey Felix,

    I just registered on the Richard Dawkins site. Naturally I'm a bit confused, so where exactly is the update? or what's the new info? If you wouldn't mind explaining it a bit to me that would be cool.

  20. The update is in the last post by black wolf (me).

    The NSPCC have visited Jean and will return in a few days to speak to her daughter and observe her family. I guess they only asked her if she had written that blog post and if it was meant the way she stated it. Apparently they see grounds to investigate deeper.

  21. Thanks Felix =D

    Wow, I honestly didn't think anything would be done. That's great they at least took it seriously.

  22. I saw the same 'balloon fail' that Rob Penn mentions... that is REALLY hilarious!

  23. I was going to check out the Dawkins discussions as well, but couldn't bring myself to agree with the terms... yet.

  24. LAOF, in essence jean sent an email to a Facebook friend saying she'd been visited by the local version of DSS, who were interested in her blog entry and whether this was reflective of how she took care of her children.

    Jean expressed concern that they might take her children. And then the thread goes on with people commenting the extent to which they agreed with what was happening, etc.

    The fact that the authorities got involved is the main point; scary, imho...

  25. WeM - thanks for the update.

  26. LAOF,
    I'm curious, which 'terms of use' at rdnet didn't you agree with?
    Many people of all beliefs and interests join there, and the only people I've seen getting banned, after several warnings and short suspensions, were people whose sole behavior consisted of preaching without discussing, insulting other members or publishing PMs without permission.


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