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Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Have A Theme Song


  1. Bam!

    Just turn that into a .wav that plays when the new site's banner is clicked, and we're good to go

  2. Heh heh, I've already got that .wav file at home. I can't remember where I got it... but I'm sure a search would turn it up.

  3. The .wav file WEM's refering to, I mean. Obviously.

  4. This is so weird. I just finished watching that very episode 15 minutes ago.


  5. Dang. I'm not getting any sound. Nothing wrong with my speakers, I was playing MP3 files about an hour ago.

    Excuse me while I cold-reboot nd mutter a "prayer" in the general direction of MicroSoft.

    I'll be back. (She growled in a completely non-threatening Eastern Canadian accent, so it came out sounding like "Oil bibeck.")

  6. Linux rox! I <3 Linux!

    (By the way, the Simpson's reference was what I was thinking when I made the suggestion :-P)

  7. Spooky


    No! It must be the work of Kronos!


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