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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Think I Might Regret This...But....

Did you ever get an idea stuck in your head....you know better..but you wanna run with it? OK.

Ray's latest post, "A Request to Atheists." If one person would validate Ray by so.... No. False start.

Ahem...what the fuck is going on with that, and I consider it an insult to the intelligence of every Free thinking person that ever went to that cesspool of celestial crap hole to even condiser that one of us would be willing to compose something that he could actually use as a Foreward. A Foreward? To his book?
The odacity! I want to kill myself, but not yet, let me finish.
I feel very presumptuous at times, when I ask a bit too much. But for Ray Comfort to ask an atheist to write a fucking foreward to his book, that he could actually use, redefines the word, presumptuous.

Ray is looking for a sycophant atheist. Some worm that would compromise their rationality to lend even a modicum of validity to RC. And if he finds one I am gonna scream Poe and thaw out hell after it freezes over, ad worse stuff too.

So, take that any way you want to. I don't like to shoot from the hip too much but that request pissed me off to no end. Who the hell does he think he's dealing here with/ rhetorical. Apparently, he thinks he will find someone among us that would compromise their integrity to side with him.

Thanks for listening and I will delete this post if anyone wants me to.

The Frog


  1. It is very presumptuous of him...I can't help but wonder what he thinks he's doing with this? He keeps mentioning his books, he claims rights to all comments posted on his blog, I believe I also remember him asking atheists to explain their atheism or something....I find it hard to believe he puts this much effort into writing a book (unless he's just copying and pasteing, which I'm sure he is). Maybe I'm just paranoid but I think there is something else driving his lasted madness...or he's just an asshole...it's really a toss-up!

  2. Yeah, this is just weird...

    I want to write a forward to his book so I can warn readers what to look out for, but honestly, who asks someone who write a forward to a book they can't read and know nothing about.

    This is just weird.

  3. I sent Ray a little note that I knew he wouldn't post. I told him again that if he used anything I said in any of his publications I would sue him. I also said that I would offer the services of a very good copyright lawyer to anyone else who felt infringed upon.

    Then I called him a little bitch.

    Revenant... He is an asshole.

    Nothing more. Did you ever take his needgod.com quiz. I answered everything the way Jesus would and it says I failed. He's such a major putz. Oh well... If anyone gets quoted against their will I know a really good lawyer who can't stand Ray. He saw him get his ass handed to him on Nightline by the RR crew.

  4. Don
    I took that needgod quiz...no surprise it said I was headed for hell...some how I'm not worried!

  5. Evidence is from Latin, that which is obvious, from evident- evidens clear, obvious, from e- out of, from + videns, present participle of videre, to see.

    The definition of evidence is- something that furnishes or tends to furnish proof

    There is best evidence, character evidence, circumstantial evidence,
    clear and convincing evidence,
    communicative evidence, competent evidence, corroborating evidence,
    cumulative evidence, demonstrative evidence, derivative evidence,
    direct evidence, evidence in chief, exculpatory evidence, extrinsic evidence, hearsay evidence, illustrative evidence, indirect evidence, intrinsic evidence, material evidence, parol evidence, physical evidence, presumptive evidence, prima facie evidence, primary evidence, real evidence, rebuttal evidence, relevant evidence, secondary evidence, substantial evidence,
    substantive evidence, testimonial evidence,

    And then there is the evidence which Ray refers to in the title of his latest masterpiece which is often referred to by fundamentalist evangelicals, but sadly, is never produced.

    Now, thats something to think about.

  6. I don't understand why anybody would feel that this post needs to be deleted.

  7. Relax, Dale. I agree that assisting Ray with the production of one of his packages of ink-covered paper is like pissing into a snowbank, but it's still a free country.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. You guys really are too much!!!

    This is what Kaitlyn said about "fundamentalist Christians (November 3, 6:14 PM):

    ""I have also noticed really strange behavior when debating fundamentalist Christians.

    They seem to go into debate determined to win instead of trying to learn or EXPAND THEIR HORIZONS (emphasis mine).""

    And now when Ray attempts to "expand his horizons" by asking for an atheist point of view for one of his books, you respond by attacking him. Pathetic.

    Why don't you just give up the charade and admit that you hate Christians regardless of what they do or say. Your bigotry and prejudice is more than obvious. You're not fooling anyone.

  10. Froggie,

    Congratulations sir, this was your 50th post at Raytractors and I am in full agreement with the sentiment.


    Was the lid not on tight enough?


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