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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Republican 2008 Presidential Election Campaign, Explained

Weemaryanne will make bold to explain
The take-away from this campaign:

"The message of note
Is that you must vote
For the one who is not named Hussein."

Inspired by the excellent Roy Zimmerman.


  1. RZ has put out some excellent stuff.
    Quite the imagination!

  2. There was a post from someone saying "Hey report Ray Comfort to the IRS since he is endorsing a candidate."

    Remember, on September 3rd, he said "Palin rocks."

    It's not that he's just quoting someone else, he's actually ENDORSED A CANDIDATE. I posted the comment over there, but it seems to not have gone through.

  3. I loved that!

    PS. word verification = "demon"


  4. Roy will be coming to my city next year. He confirmed this in a YouTube PM to me. Great guy.


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