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Monday, November 3, 2008

Rappin' Jesus Guy

I wrote about this a bit more over on my own blog, but today I saw something that I've never seen before - a rappin' Jesus guy. I was at a No on 8 demonstration (I live in California, and 8 is the gay marriage ban) this evening, and I tried to talk to one of the Yes on 8 guys. He was holding a completely non-sequitor sign reading "Prop 8 = Free Speech".

When I tried to get him to explain, he just kept saying "Yo" a lot and he tried to rap about Jesus. It was like trying to talk to a fucking cartoon.


  1. "Are the Prop 8 folks backing away from their two most outrageous lies?

    Look at the web sites run by the folks trying to write unfairness into California’s state Constitution and you won’t see their claim that defeating Prop 8 will mean that churches “may” lose their tax exempt status if they refuse to perform same gender marriages.

    Yup: go to their “youth site” (http://iprotectmarriage.com) and click on:

    “Churches - Prop. 8 prevents reverse discrimination against churches and other centers of worship” or

    “Faith - Prop. 8 protects freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”

    Both of these links now go to the site’s page on “Rights.”

    Of course, the folks who want to write inequality into our state Constitution have not taken their misleading ads off the air. You can still hear and see them claim that if we don’t pass Prop 8:

    1. Churches “may” lose their tax exempt status if they refuse to marry same gender couples; and

    2. People who oppose gay marriage on “moral” grounds could” lose their freedom of speech.

    You see why the “Yes on 8” folks dropped these arguments from their web sites? Of course they waited until their lies had been broadcast across the state for weeks to be sure as many people as possible herd(sic) them."

  2. Lance,
    That's funny.
    That type of person seems to be stuck in some intellectual void that wqas created probably, by their parents or inability to understand logic and reason.

    I have a story about a couple guys who lost a good business they built up because they were convinced that through prayer, God had told them to make a certain decision. They went with "God" and it turned out to be a fatal mistake.
    They even admit that they were sceptical but they were both convinced God told them this.

    Now they say that God merely had other plans for them and they are practically reveling in their loss.
    One of them even l;ost his house over the debacle.

    The other asked to come back to work for me but I politely said no.

    After all, I surely don't want someone making sensitive decisions in this organization based on something he "thinks" Jesus told him.

    If that is discrimination, too bad.

    I often wonder how many really bad decisions like that are made in this country; or do certain people turn on reason and logic at work and then turn it off in their personal life?

    I am very intrigued by this question.

  3. We have some friends who came to France 5 years ago.

    Everything they do is based on what "The Lord" tells them. Thru bad luck, crap clients and stuff they have lost everything and now The Lord has revealed that they have to go back to England.

    I didn't want to suggest that the Lord had been fucking with them for the last 5 years. These folk have had a real bad string of health issues and money problems, and they are lovely trusting people. If that's how God rewards His faithful, He's a nasty peice of work.

    I have never confronted them with it, but I'm certain they'd say that God has been testing them and purifying them.

  4. Stew, I was arsed into commenting on your blog. :>


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