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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I just failed a test on Christianity

So should I tell my professor, when I get my grade back, that I'm entitled to be wrong, as a dirty "evolutionist"?


  1. What kind of test was this? I'd be interested in seeing some of the questions.


  2. laof,

    It doesn't matter what the questions were; haven't you been paying attention at Ray's blog?

    Every question can be answered, quite simply, with 'Goddidit'.

    Anything else is some sort of athiestic, evilooshunist, blasphemous 'attempt' at an answer.

  3. JicamaEater-

    obviously you didn't pray hard enough!

  4. BTW has anybody invited Steven J over to Raytractors?

    He's as sharp as a very sharp thing, and level headed with it. Cool and sharp. An icicle in fact.

  5. It's Religious Studies class (about the Abrahamic faiths), which means we look at the overtly factual elements of religious movements: history, rituals, what followers believe (ignoring whether or not it's "true"), etc.

    So yeah, I didn't study, or pray, or even go to like 1/4 of the lectures. One part of the test was about explaining terms; it was pretty hard to write about Fundamentalism concisely and objectively for me. On the other hand, I pretty much gave up when I got to the Counter-Reformation

  6. But mostly I posted this because I really wanted to make a stupid joke that reversed the "don't teach my kid about evolution you bastards!" situation.

  7. Stew,

    What if Steven J is that most rare of all bloggers; the 'evolutionary poe'. Stick with me on this...

    What if there was a fundie who saw science, rationality, logic and reason as so ridiculous that he decided to parody them to the nth degree and see how many gullible atheists he could ensnare in his web of deceit.

    He'd have to make sure his lies matched up to the 'facts' and 'evidence' that the secular Big Science community spews forth from it's 'universities' and 'journals' but he'd know all along that he was merely mocking those who have blind faith in Darwin.

    Every time he posts he dies a little inside as he knows that lying for Jebus is wrong, but he just can't stop now that he has begun. Sooner or later there'll be a Rex Mundane-style confession and Steven J will expose himself as the fundie-satirist supreme that he truly is.

    Or not. Let's invite him and find out...

  8. expatmatt said:

    "It doesn't matter what the questions were; haven't you been paying attention at Ray's blog?"

    What's that got to do with anything? No, I haven't been reading Ray's blog lately; Why would the two be related.

    Besides, can't I ask a question of jicamaeater? I was wondering why he'd be taking a class on Christianity and what field of study would require it, that's all.

  9. jicamaeater -

    I'm curious what your course of study (major) is. Really, I don't know that much about you.

    But that would be your choice to tell me.

  10. My major is Humanities. I thought I had that on my Blogger profile, but I don't, weirdly enough.

    I'm still working on my core requirements though. The Judaism, Christianity, Islam course is for "Ideals and Values" or something; I took it because reading Ray's blog (and some other stuff) made me genuinely interested in the history and values of these religions.

  11. expatmatt
    "What if Steven J is that most rare of all bloggers; the 'evolutionary poe'. Stick with me on this..."

    That would be scary and interesting...you are right we have to invite him!!

  12. I'm in a religious studies class too. We started with the Eastern religions first,then took a midterm on them. Now we are in the Abrahamic ones.

    Did you guys go over zoroastrarinism? I think that suprised more than a couple of Christians in my class.

    Hmmm.... predates Christianity by 600 years. Main relegion of Persia. Large Jewish presence in Persia at that time?

    No it couldn't be........

  13. My post asking him over has appeared under the "Which came first" post.

    Scmike commented

    ""steven j, if you'd be so kind to make your way to the Raytractors blog and consider posting there. We'd like for you to come and play in our sandbox""

    Be sure fasten the man-hole cover back down tightly when you get there. Thanks."

    What does that mean?

    And who's the new loonie Stewy?
    I see his profile is brand new. A Poe?

  14. Stew,

    Be sure fasten the man-hole cover back down tightly when you get there. Thanks.

    What does that mean?

    That means scmike feels like we raped him here. (Or so it seems.)

    Of course I do not think we did We even finished telling him we love him.


  15. jicama,
    get your act together and study harder. You don't want to come across as a lazy willfully ignorant intellophobe, do you? j/k
    But really, try to get good grades. It might be boring often, but if you got a good teacher, you'll be rewarded for making an honorable comeback.


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