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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's Your Sign

I couldn't resist posting this. If you know anything about Kent Hovind, you'll bust a gut laughing at this comment from "Bonni" to Ray. There is more crazy packed into this comment than I would have thought possible. I really think Bonni deserves some kind of dunce award.

Bonni said...
"Mr. Comfort,
I was wondering if you know a Dr. Hovind? He is an expert at demonstrating how the Bible completly disminishes any notions about evolution. Dr. Hovind was a science teacher for 15 years and is extremely knowledgeable in the theory of evolution. I just recently watched one of his seminars and was absolutely spellbound. I grew up believing the theory of evolution. Evolution is being taught in our schools to our children as fact not fiction or even theory. I had a hard time with creation when I first became a christian. I am fory-three years old and I finally know the truth. Dr. Hovind's son still travels the country doing seminars on this subject. I was just wondering if you knew of him since so many of your athesist objections turn toward evolution as their basis for trying to discredit the Bible. Thank you Bonni"

I looked at a couple videos by Kent's son, Eric, a couple months ago. Never again. I would rather have a root canal while listening to polka music.


  1. I call Poe on that one right now.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'd love to see Ray on some show discussing ID with someone from the Discovery Institute. Remember when Ray was on that radio show the day before PZ Myers? Ray has no idea that the ID people (outwardly) deny literalist creationism, and that his transitional-forms-crocoduck mantra is a huge pain in the ass for the ID propagandists.
    Ray is correct, they're really one and the same thing, it's just that the ID people don't want that known. Ray exposes ID as the theocracism it is, demolishing the DI agenda of pretending sciencyness.

  4. Froggie-

    I read Bonni's post & smiled.

    There are cockroaches in my basement that understand more about evolution than Ken (hold onto that soap) Hovind.

    BTW - did you 'jack a comment I posted on Raytractors & post it on AC?

  5. BF,
    "BTW - did you 'jack a comment I posted on Raytractors & post it on AC?"

    I did :>
    It was a good one.

  6. OK

    No prob.

    It is, perhaps the best definition of 'science' that I've come across.

    The first paragraph was part of a presentation done by Ken Miller a few years back.

    The ensuing mockery was mine.

    I considered saying
    That ain't science,
    but the pedantic grammar demon within me instructed me otherwise.

  7. BF,
    The problem is that any reality based statement falls on deaf ears over there.

    Vera is becoming a master at acting like she understands science while limiting her entire understanding of sciene to Ross and RTB.

  8. Expatmatt,

    I have a friend who owns 3 or 4 Kent Hovind VHS tapes, and for the life of my I cannot get her to see reason about either the man or the science. I don't think this one's a Poe; I've seen it in real life.

    ...By the way, just for fun someone should post up a nice long comment over at Ray's about Kent's ...er... more recent activities, with a thorough treatment of exactly what got him into the clink. It probably won't get through the censors, but if it did it would be fun to hear the reactions.

    I'd do it, but I think I'm boycotting. Also I'm lazy.

  9. Kelly,
    I think most of those fundies are aware of Kent's tax evasion activities.

    Kent is so far out there that Ken Ham has disavowed him.

    Hovind is the slimiest of the slime.

  10. The Discotute is the slimiest of the slime. Kent Hovind believes the swill he spouts. The Discotute, on the other hand, is just trying to make political room for creationism. I don't trust for a minute that they believe anything but creationism.

    I'll take an honestly convinced loon over outright liars any day.

  11. No,
    Excellent point. I have to agree.

    I stand corrected!


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