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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gamers are just as bad as atheists apparently....

Apparently atheists aren't the only people that christians hate. They also hate Dungeons and Dragons players. So much so that a christian children's charity recently refused a donation of $17,398.00 because it had been raised, in part, by selling Dungeons and Dragons.

Letting children starve and die is okay, just so long as you're making a point and trying to force your beliefs on others. What's a few dead kids when we can send a message about just how much we hate board games?


  1. Harsh. Mother Teresa accepted cash from brutal dictators.

  2. So, Gary Gygax favored a Christian charity that sponsors children in poverty.
    Their slogan is "Bringing positive change to the world's children".
    Apparently demonstrating superstition is a bit higher on their priority list than bringing change.
    Hypocrites. Bah.

  3. Looks like someone got a natural 1 on their saving throw for meanness,

  4. Dammit. I was going to crack the joke about a bad roll, but my DEX is too low so Mr. Smith beat me to it...


  5. Off topic, but very important: Can any of you American readers of Ray's blog send off a message to the IRS about his latest post? Ray's a "non-profit" organization, yet he's endorsing a candidate. Though he's doing it (kind of) sneaky. He's posting the opinion of someone who's not voting Obama.

    You can check out (and should probably save) the webpage with his post on it, here.

    I've saved the web-page, but I'm going to bed and I'm too tired to figure out the IRS site; it looks too complicated to just send an email to them about Ray.

    Now, back to the topic: I noted this myself, from Pharyngula. It seems that there's more to it than that.

    Some people accept the reason they give, others think it's a cop-out.

  6. "However, we couldn’t lend our name for publication because our policies have specific criteria for endorsements."
    "Christian Children’s Fund made the decision to decline the gift from Gen Con, LLC as the request presented to us gave the appearance that CCF (the organization) was an endorser or supporter of a gaming convention, which CCF was not. As many non-profit organizations, CCF is selective in its endorsements or support in order to maintain the integrity of its name and logo. We cannot lend our name to an event for which we have no involvement."
    These statements are from emails they have sent in reply to complaints.

    Unfortunately, their endorsement policy is not available to the public, so all we have are these statements.
    They receive tens of millions of dollars annually, which they apparently invest pretty well. I still have the impression that they thought 'a gaming convention' donating 17k wasn't worth risking trouble with superstitious donators of larger amounts of money.
    They may not be hypocrites themselves, but it appears they may be bending down for some.

    On a positive note, here are their efficiency stats:
    Fiscal year 2008 Expenditures:
    Program services for children 83%
    Management & General 7.1%
    Fund Raising 9.9%

    I certainly know of one non-profit organization for which the numbers look quite reverse.


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