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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political Dogma

With election season coming to an end, I would like to discuss one of my complaints about Politics in the U.S. The biggest problem I have is that people become too dogmatic based on political party. For example, they try to rationalize what their candidate and party believes in to justify it for themselves. I especially face this issue being a very moderate libertarian. When speaking with most libertarians, I disagree with allowing the free market to solve everything, returning to the silver standard, and the idea of a government conspiracy behind everything (e.g., 9/11 truthers). 

I have also noticed that a lot of people despise certain candidates during the campaigns and push the notion that they are wrong about everything. Going into this presidential election, I was a big fan of John McCain. However, I was disappointed and insulted when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. While Palin is a candidate that I doubt I could ever cast a ballot for, she does have some good aspects:

  • She spoke out about the financial bailout and stated that the government should not reward bad decisions.
  • She favors reducing small business taxes.
  • Absolute gun rights.
What I am wondering is if anyone else disagrees with their party or candidate of choice on certain issues? If so, what are they? Also, if you despised a candidate this election, what do you agree with them on? 

I am asking these questions because I have the perception that the country is strictly divided at the moment due the dogmatic political beliefs of many citizens.


  1. M. -

    You stated you couldn't vote for Palin, but you listed three things that you liked about her.

    Can you elaborate on the things (just bullet points) that would keep (or kept) you from voting for her?

    And, I wonder why you chose to base your vote (if you did) on your dislike of Palin? Did you vote for Obama, and if so, did you base it on your 'like' of Biden?

    I, too, lean more toward libertarian.

  2. laof,

    The biggest issue I have with Palin this election is her inexperience. Throughout the campaign, she seemed way over her head and did not have basic knowledge of the position she is running for. For example, she has stated that the VP has the opportunity to influence legislation in the Senate when they really only have oversight on procedural matters. Also, it was disappointing that a national candidate had so little knowledge of the Supreme Court. Right now, I am not confident in her ability to run the country if need be.

    As for Biden, I disagree with a lot of his policies (e.g., drug laws, DMCA) and I'm not particularly a big fan of him. However, I do believe that Biden understands his position under the constitution, even though he does not know which Article it is defined under.

  3. loaf,

    In the future, I doubt I could vote for Palin on the following grounds:

    1. Opposition of embryonic stem cell research.

    2. Support of the death penalty.

    3. Opposition to same-sex benefits.

    The biggest problem I have with her are mostly social issues.

  4. 2 party politics is always a bugger.

    But at a national (presidential) level, it's rare for a 3rd party to gain any ground.

  5. Stew,

    The most we can ever hope for a third party in the US is to get enough votes that their ideas are heard at the table. The biggest problem with two-party politics is that it just creates a larger dichotomy over time.

  6. M,

    I am a moderate libertarian myself. I agree with you, if McCain had picked a better running mate I would have considered voting for him. With Palin, I just thought it was a crap decision. If he wanted a female running mate there were much better choices out there. I disagree with her for a lot of the same reasons you do.

  7. I'm a liberal and I would have considered McCain before he did a complete 180 after being chosen as the Republican candidate. After his choice of Palin I just felt like he really only cared about trying to win and really had no respect for the American voter (especially after the lame argument that she has foreign policy experience because of Alaska's proximity to Russia...if that's foreign policy experience I have more then Palin! Not only does my state border Canada, but I've been to Ireland and not just for a refueling layover!!).
    I also feel Palin is just in way over her head, and it scares me that she could be the vice president. As for Obama, I voted for him although I was a little uneasy when he was chosen as the Democratic nominee over Clinton, because of his lack of experience.
    I don't like how politicians with personality are chosen over the person who can do the job.
    Also even though I am a liberal I have no problem with the death penalty....mostly I vote Democratic because I agree with their platform more then the Republican one (although I will vote Republican if I feel the person is better qualified).

  8. I think we should have a king. Namely, me. King Rufus the First; AKA the Good, the Wise, the Awesomest.

  9. Rufus said...
    "I think we should have a king. Namely, me. King Rufus the First; AKA the Good, the Wise, the Awesomest."

    I agree, you're a pretty good little ass kisser, but you will have to compete with me for the job ***the frog hoisting up his britches, puffing out chest***

    Shall it be decided by arm wrestling, or who can drink the most beer in the least amount of time?

  10. Ruf,
    It's your choice. Either way that you determine to try, you will find yourself in the agony of defeat.
    Just sayin'........

  11. mjarsulic said...

    The most we can ever hope for a third party in the US is to get enough votes that their ideas are heard at the table.

    In my experience I have found that it is the political parties, themselves, that perpetuate whether you will be "one-or-the-other."

    In reality, there are not just D or R.

    There are Liberal Republicans and everything in between to Conservative Republicans, wich, in effect, gives us Lib/ Mid/ Con on both sides, we end up with six identifiable "Parties."

    You will know if you ever played "Texas Hold 'Em," that the stakes do wayyyyy up toward the end, and those high stakes play offs happen in the congress; that's when they are being asked to vote "the party line."

    The hope is that the senator/ congressman votes the wishes of the constituents that elected him.

    I still have faith in the system, and I think we are relatively good at smoking out the ones of low integrity.


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