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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

к∑ⅰ₮サ on the Heart...

к∑ⅰ₮サ wrote...

"Even you guys recognize that we’re in a cursed and fallen world. That it “ought” not to be this way. I believe God designed our hearts perfectly. In fact, He’s sustaining your heart beat even as you read these words. It takes no thought on your part. No conscious effort to flex its muscle. And while you’re alive it never rests even while you sleep. Have you thanked the Lord for keeping your heart steady and working?"

That's right, it's not your brain stem that sends signals to your heart to keep it beating; it's God. Good grief.


  1. Did you know you're a thief? Right now, as you sit there reading this, you're stealing God's air. Thieves go to hell.

    I'm not kidding.

  2. It's stealing only if you're not a Christian.

  3. kaitlyn, by what objective measure have you come to conclude that I am actually "kidding". Your assertion requires you to demonstrate to me that the kneecap is not a marvelous design that implies a marvelous designer or consider yourself soundly refuted.

    And don't you dare fall back on your atheistic "it's not really my field of expertise" argument because Darwin was a racist and you're stealing God's air while the atheistic bacteria permeating from your tainted disgrace of a soul poison the pure innocent souls of babies and children in your vicinity because you love Hitler and killing babies with Obama!

    Thank you Ray Comfort Man, I has done been shown the lights's! Hallebaloo!

    Seriously thought, Todd Friel has been using the argument I presented in the first post. I was biking when I first heard it and luckily managed to stop myself from facepalming violently while riding downhill.


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