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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obviously, Terry Hasn't Been Spending His Time in Therapy


Terry and Daniel should get together. What a tag team they would make. And I know that the Executive Protection division of the Secret Service will be busier than ever before, but I hope they have a photo of Terry Burton.


  1. Terry Burton - Circulating Email hoaxes from 2004 as though they came out today!

    He's pretty tragic.

  2.      He sets blog up so that only people that agree with him can post a comment at all. He is definitely blowing smoke. At any rate, I figured McCain was more likely to start WWIII.

  3. I don't know about McCain, but Sarah Palin is the kind of Christian who thinks there has to be a nuclear war in order to bring about the return of Jesus. And now she's talking about running in 2012, which, by the way, is when the Maya calendar says the end will come, sometime in December, I believe.

  4. Good to know I've got a solid 4 years left. At least I'll get to finish school.

    Those silly Maya, though, does anyone really want to trust the Apocalyptic prophecies of people who thought human sacrifice made the rain fall?


  5. But Rufus, doesn't Terry actually work for the Secret Service?

    Or was it the CIA?

    Um -- FBI?

    Super-Secret Agency So Secret It Doesn't Even Publish Its Acronym But It's Official and It's Real Youbetcha?

    I can't remember now....

  6. Terry said he is a super secret double undercover mole agent for the Dept. of Homeland Security, I think. He's upset because he might have to turn in his X-ray glasses and decoder ring now that Barack is Pres.

  7. On the topic of lunancy, here's Ray's attempt at racial sensitivity in belatedly responding to the guy who used a slur as his screen name:

    Dear NiggXXX...I automatically delete all your comments, and will do until you change your name. Thanks for your understanding.

    Am I the only one who finds the clumsiness of the phrasing "Dear NiggXXX" to be hilarious?

  8. If you want true lunacy, try this post from the Rapture Ready site.

    Worrisome, eh?

  9. I just read through that entire thread at Rapture Ready.They really believe Jesus is gonna come and take them home. The problem will be when he doesn't and they get really cranky.

  10. That RR thread is hilarious.
    'Waaa, we're gonna be persecuted, they're gonna chase all Christians out of the country, God will protect us from the liberals who will wreck the country, how could any Christian vote for Osama, but we'll get a good prez like Reagan next time...'

    And that assassination post is just a prime example of the passive aggression they're so enamored with. I wonder if the FBI or the Secret Service are having a look over there once in a while.
    Oh, I forgot, they listen to Terry when they want real good science guy information.

  11.      If Terry were part of an organization more secret than the NSA, he would not say so. The NSA denied its very existence for a long time.


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