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Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Tracts

Halloween is awesome! Today I not only saw a dominatrix with her submissive on a leash but I also got my first ever Chick Tract! I've heard of these before and have read a few of them online, but there is just something so funny to me about actually being handed one! I was so excited!! This is the one given to me:


My collection of bible tracts is getting quite large...maybe I should make a collage!


  1. Chick Tracts:

    Insulting the intelligence of anyone with at least the IQ of a cabbage since 1970.

    And Ray and Chick are tract buddies.

  2. Well there's another positive and uplifting message of hope from the faithful to the unsaved. God really does love us.

    I have a particular hatred for Chick tracts. When I was a student I lived in a caravan park in Ballarat. In the winter I had to trek 50 icy cold metres to the shower blocks whereupon I could look forward to a nice refreshing cold shower.

    Invariably the local charismatic nutball would have left a shiny new Chick tract in each cubicle. I made it my mission to save the minds of the other residents by stealing all the tracts. I had quite a collection at one point.

    I think my hatred comes from the association with the cold showers. Hellfire almost seemed like a reasonable alternative some mornings.

  3. I only got a single one (well, maybe that's because I crossed the street, whenever I saw someone handing out tracts after that...)
    The one I got was after a school trip to Dachau (a concentration camp near Munich). Somebody stood at the exit and handed out tracts. I don't remember much of it, but it was really disgusting. I mean, they used all the horror children felt after the visit, to sell their message. How foul is that?

  4. tilia,
    the only thing resembling a tract is what the JWs have handed me at the door. They use the same strategy, pamphlets with starving children and war destruction, every picture with a sweet message of a few verses that promise solace from the Lord and that he'll surely be around soon.
    Last time I spoke with them, I told them in much detail about how we find altruism and learning behavior in the animal kingdom, and I did get the impression that they had no problem with evolution and common descent.
    Then I read some conversations at a web forum with a few JWs, and found out that all their friendly attitude is just a ruse, a mask they wear until they think they have found a vulnerable spot to prey on. Apparently they do deny evolution and common descent, but they are not honest enough to say it to the face of someone who knows about the evidence and understands it.
    It's exactly as deceitful as telling an African who is ignorant about Communism that Eastern Europe under the Warsaw Pact was a paradise to get him to join a Communist party.
    Yesterday I zapped into a programme on the suffering of children in poverty. I was impressed at first when I saw a clergyman hand out food and playing with orphans from civil war. The next scene showed all these emaciated children line up in a long queue to receive the eucharist. This is insidious. Their wellbeing is dependant on literally swallowing superstition, fed to them by the same person who tells the adults that they must have more children they can't feed.
    Filling their stomachs while infecting their minds with addictive lies.

  5. My first tract was Ray's "The Atheist Test".

    I'd gotten pamphlets before, from the Australian Christian Something or Other (the ACSoO. Haven't you heard of them?) but they don't really count.


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