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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Grievous Omission

Holy batshit crazy islamic nutballs.

I visited richarddawkins.net for the first time in a long while, and was drawn to listening Dicky D.'s talk on Harun Yahya's magnum opus, Atlas of Creation. This little clip enticed me to look into Harun Yahya's internet presence, and was pleasantly surprised to find an endless corridor of crazy.

Harun Yahya is in possession of a few URLs that tangle a convoluted mess of propaganda speckled with occasional dodgy English and spelling. Actually, they have a list of their registered addresses here. 118 websites. Yeeess. Oodles of fun.

A couple of select picks here for your gawking pleasure:

Oh, the title? Grievous omission? Is Harun Yahya yet included in the sidebar for professional non-thinkers? I personally think they definitely deserve a spot.


  1. His websites are subtitled "An invitation to the Truth"

    This is the sound my latest irony meter made. I have to get ANOTHER one.

  2. I've corrected the grievous omission.

    I used the link that listed all his urls couse I thought it gave the most value for money.

    Feel free anyone else to amend it if you feel his main page (does he have a main page?) would be better

  3. The For-Children website was horrid...I will be having nightmares about this!

  4. I think this is the best argument against evolution I've ever heard! It's completely original!!


  5. I hope the Turks get their act together and get rid of their Islamist politicians and their propagandising mendacious ilk.
    If they want to be part of the modern world instead of sliding down into the list of nut countries who survive on censorship and de-education, they can't let the irrationalists continue to have free reign as much as they do now.
    A number of countries, like Pakistan and Jordan, have tried to accomplish this leg-split stance and are only being held back and dragged down by their radicals.
    Make a choice or fade.

  6. call me biased but this really annoys me on the children page. Anyway it's another example how those people think: It doesn't matter if we don't look at the details and get the whole picture dead wrong as long as we can make it fit into our worldview...

  7. That flashing kitten on the front page of the kids' site is really bizarre.

  8. Besides from the things that are obviously wrong on that site, has anyone noticed the blatent Disney IP infringement on http://www.for-children.com/evolution03.html ?


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