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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Exorcisms, Bob Larson Part Two

I have a test for everyone to take. I think it's very important.


Have fun.


  1. You rock, Kaitlyn, I mean Kaitlyn Rocks!

    Click here to register online for a special $199 Introductory Session to check out the Program. Hmmmm....... no.

  2. And your risk of demonic oppression/possession is really around zero because those things are as real as elves and unicorns.

  3. Cool. Can you do something like that with Atheist Central?

  4. I love bad programmers

    You mean like this?

    (Just kidding -- consider the source


  5. my score is 7, low risk for demon posession


  6. @ Jill D

    Oh. Commented from my phone; I must have missed Kaitlyn's link.

    @ Kaitlyn

    O.o Woooah.

  7. @Kelley R.
    I was copying Kaitlyn.....

  8. Oh, I got a 2. Very low risk. Quite pleased considering I thought the last question about going to church might give me away.

    Also, how is this relevant?

    "Do you know of ancestors who committed murder, suicide, or sexual perversion?"

  9. Also, how is this relevant?

    "Do you know of ancestors who committed murder, suicide, or sexual perversion?"

    There are people (like my mother) who think "Demons" and "Curses" can be passed down the blood line. Yes. Really.

  10. I got a six. Better get prayin' tonite.
    Or have a beer.

  11. I got a 2, but only becuase the demons in me made me lie -

    I swear! it was the doors, it was the doors made me do it, the doors!

  12. I scored 9. Do I win something now?
    Don't feel possessed at all, though. Maybe this "blood line" thing isn't true after all? ;)

  13. I got a 2. How boring.

  14. I marked currently for all of the questions and got a 49. I'm at high risk for demonic oppression/possession. I need to by me some DVDs and books.

  15. I got an 8, then clicked Kaitlyns link and cracked up. Kaitlyn PWNS the INtarnets.

  16. I got a 33, I'm at very high risk of demonic possesion! Many of the questions the answer could also mean I'm at very high risk of being bi-polar...which I've been told is possible but I haven't looked into an official diagnosis!

  17. Felix, you're in Germany. You'd better have the beer. Ask yourself, WWLCJD?

  18. Hey, Kaitlyn's back! Nice to see you.

    I love this, by the way.

    How would a good programmer prevent this from happening?

  19. Hey Reynold,
    The bug I discovered is actually dangerous because a malicious hacker can us it to not only inject HTML, but also javascript.

    For starters, whenever you copy and paste user text, you should html encode it first. :P

  20. I'm assuming that the bug is somewhere in here:

    function getValue(varname){
    var url = window.location.href;

    etc etc

    var score = getValue("s");
    var tRisk = '';
    function getRisk(){
    if(score < 22) {
    tRisk = 'low';
    } else if (score > 29) {
    tRisk = 'high';
    } else {
    tRisk = 'moderate';
    return tRisk;
    And that the reason for the web page always saying "moderate" when one has screwed around with the URL code is that since no real "numbers" were entered, but rather just a bunch of letters and crap, the browser just takes the "default" option and you're left with "moderate".

    I really need to bone up on this stuff. I'm more into databasing than I am javascripting and web design.

  21. I scored an 8. Now how do I nurture my inner demon to get a better score?


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