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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The destruction of San Francisco

For those following the craziness at http://judgmentofsanfrancisco.blogspot.com/

I've been trying to show Dan'El that it is easy to find significance in random events and that possibly he has had hallucinations resulting from exhaustion and stress, and that he has suffered persection as a result of his antagonism towards others.

I found a thread started by him on the forum Prophesy Talk

This thread has many of the "significant" coincidences he has mentioned in his blog, but also outlines the details he has not yet revealed.

Specifically that he believes the AntiChrist and the False Prophet are his own 2 younger nephews.

Oy Vey!

Do I continue to try and get him to see the possibility that he is deluding himself or is really too far "out there"?


  1. Interesting. I always pictured someone in his mid-twenties.

  2. I like the way he bends the rulkes such as:
    "I'm a Messianic Jew born on 6-4-60 two days before 6-6-60 showing that I am the one called to reveal the name of Triumph."

    So, just being born NEAR a certain insignificant date means something.

    Ohhhh! I would absolutely love to obseve this cat in person.
    I would pay good money to see with my opwn eyes what he does on a daily basis.

    I still have to suspect that he is a brilliant Poe.

    He has sucked Freed into his web, but no others as far as I could tell.

    I can imagine that if I were a Poe the best day would be when some hapless chrsian comes along and buys into the madness.

    I have been following your discussions with him and he seems to hold the line perfectly. I've seen no cracks in his story.

    I think you should keep on him a while.

    I know, I have a truely morbid curiosity about this guy.

  3. I've done some more research and found Daniel or Ben Adam all over the web on various forums. Some of which he's been banned from.

    People have been telling him the same stuff I've been trying to tell him for a long while now, but he sees it all as part of his persecution.

    I think he sees himself as John the Baptist, given that he believes his family contains the antichrist (Jesus and John the baptist were cousins)

    He's given the names, ages and addresses of his nephews on these forums and his blog, and he sees himself as a major player in the end times.

    reding his posts on prophesy and end times forums has settled it for me, I think he is dangerously disturbed. If you read the account how in jail, he sang hyms and prayed aloud until his cell mate attacked him. His cell mate asked to be moved and Daniel laughed. It's an example of how he is, at least, a danger to himself if not others.

    I'm going to try and leave him alone, I regret using my name to show him how we can construct significance, but I've never hidden my details to any great extent on my blogs and posts.

  4. froggie, for a Poe he has spread himself wide for about a year on various forums.

    I think he's for real. So if he's a Poe he's taken me in.

  5. Dan the dipshit has been there a few times too, Froggie.

    I tried to do the same as you stew, where I linked all the significant storms he listed to events with the Phillies and the Pirates. It is not hard to find significance if you are looking for it. I have given up on him, he needs psychological help.

    I am going to try and stick with his blog until June and see what happens with him them. I am concerned he will have a major breakdown then.

    By the way my confirmation word is gatipl, add another i and you get pigtail, coincidence? :)

  6. Stew,

    While I respect your opinion, and tend to agree with you, he seems to be a bit too coherent to be crazy.

    This type of person always piques my curiosity.

  7. Yes, his coherency argues either Poe, or schizophrenia. There's theu guy who gets the visions and sees Satan in hawaiian shirts, and then they guy who trys to make sense of it all.

    If you've read the post where the voices in his head were shouting at him that his nephew across the table was "the one" and ten their eyes met and an evil grin spread across his nephew's face.

    eek! here's a man only barely under control. He often loses control in fact, his discriptions of walking around his flat weeping, unable to sleep.

  8. Stew,
    Dani'els latest post is dedicated to you.

  9. "his discriptions of walking around his flat weeping, unable to sleep."

    Yes, indeed.
    The poor bastard.

  10. Felix,

    I know what you mean; I couldn't believe it when I saw on his profile that he's 48!

    If he is a poe, then he's the most brilliantly constructed poe I've ever seen and it's a shame that he's not getting more people on his blog.

    It's like that whole 'lunatic, liar or Lord' business with Jebus except this is 'paranoid delusional, poe or prophet'.

    I think he mentioned that he only recently found out that he's Jewish (odd?) and maybe he has just thrown himself into that whole culture with reckless abandon...only, he's also a fundie, so his head is melting with the sheer irrationality of the whole thing.

    The thing with his nephew is just pure gravy.

  11. Quite the unexpected source of amusement, if nothing else.

  12. Stew-

    I think you're wasting your time with this nut.

    You might consider a "canned" post to place after any of daniels posts.

    Something on the order of-

    "dani'el has prophisized and written specifically in his blog and others that he has received divine revelation that Southern California will be destroyed like Sodom & Gomorah on his birthday, June 4, 2009.

    Additionally, he has stated that voices in his head have informed him that his nephews are the anti-christ and the false prophet.

    It is unfortunate that fervent religiosity such as his frequently results in complete absurdity, rejection of reality, and borderline insanity.

    What he says is of no value."

  13. "My kindergarten class was the first at Sunkist elementary on Sunkist st.

    To get to school on Sunkist (Son kissed- psalm 2:12)."

    This was my favorite part--his coincidences are just being pulled from his ass!!

    "I grew up playing the trumpet in band.
    Today I sound the shofar, (rams horn) as a prophet of God giving warning of judgment to come.
    Isa 58:1 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. "

    I have a friend named Daniel which means God is my judge, he also plays the trumpet...there was also a Daniel in the bible who was thrown in the lions den, the Daniel I know hates cats....coincidence I think not!!

  14. I just asked him if he is willing to admit that he is wrong if his predictions do not come to pass.

  15. Here's a find.

    An Australian ranting about idiots on the internet, specifically those who think Obama is muslim



  16. There's a homeless guy down the street that works a corner begging for change. He thinks he talks to invisible leprechauns. I could try to convince him of his delusions, but what would be the point? I would think there would be better things to focus my time on, hence, I drive on by.

  17. Good News: If Dani El's cousin is the Anti-Christ, then Barack Obama isn't!

    Everybody out and vote!

  18. Has anyone seen the new blogger; 'mary b' who said:

    For the record, I see total empathy and compassion coming from you. [lol] I am sure you could be making a substantial living doing something in the secular world [l.o.l], but the love of Christ compels you to go to the lost.
    I for one have come out of my evangelistic shell due to your ministry. May God richly bless you and your precious family [L. the fuck. O. L], Ray."

    [laughter added]

    So that's one of his cronies from Muddy Waters, right? What a douche-bag.

    Daniel's breakdown is going to make Terry Burton's dummy-spitting look like Mr. Spock losing a sock.

    I can't wait for the ad hoc-ary that follows as his prophecies continue to go unfulfilled.

  19. "Daniel's breakdown is going to make Terry Burton's dummy-spitting look like Mr. Spock losing a sock."

    I really did laugh out loud.

    Nice turn of phrase

  20.      The "canned comment" is probably a bad idea. It strikes me as little different from christians preemptively telling people not to listen to dissenters. It is also effectively an attempt to silence him. Let people come to their own conclusions.

  21. I actually feel really bad for the guy. Not because of his mental issues, but hat he sounds so miserable and lonely. He seems to be a man who feels completely trapped in his situation and can't get out, and his blog posts just ooze that.

    A lot of it is him creating that with his insanity, but it's hard not to feel very sorry that someone has to believe themselves so isolated.

  22. Shag,

    I agree. He is creating a living hell for himself, he's the only one that doesn't know it.

  23. I get the feeling the Raynicas are uncomfortable with him.
    If indeed they are a bit skeptical of him, as surely at least a few of them would have at least heard a little about symptoms of pathological delusions, this is a very good sign.
    Going out on a limb, it means that they don't follow faith blindly as they pretend to do.
    There is a residue of rationality that screams and pleads for nourishment.
    From our viewpoint, it's just a question of time until they will too be open to label him a false prophet. They probably suppress this feeling, just as they push back the fact that countless of others have made prophecies out of the blue and failed.
    When it reaches that point, they'll fall all over each other denying they ever really believed him, declaring him a false whatever.
    And the little seed of doubt will have grown a little.
    One crack in the wall at a a time.

  24. Wait...
    Did the names of the people he was talking about change between prophesy talk and his blogspot?

    They went from Triumph and Exalted to Victor and Enlightened.

  25. Apparently he's upping sticks and moving on to pastures new.

    He only managed to get Freed from the believers and, maybe 4 from our side, to actually contribute to his blog so I think he has realized that nobody is biting.

    I do hope he's still around come 2010 though...


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